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Serious shortage of staff in the labor market in Romania


For the current year the Romanian government has determined a quota of 20 000 workers from countries outside the EU, who will be able to get a work permit for Romania. However, according to employers, this quota is not nearly enough. That’s why the Romanian government intends to increase it to 30 000 workers, according to a draft government decision published on the Romanian Labour Ministry’s website. If the decision is accepted, that will be a double increase in comparison to 2018, when the quota was only 15 000 people.

For the first 6 months of this year, 12 695 job applications were approved, most of them being from Vietnam (3 055), followed by Moldova (1 437) and Nepal (1 347).

In order to compensate for the outflow of Romanian workforce abroad, the Romanian employees began importing workers from countries outside the EU, mainly in the HoReCa, construction and retail sectors.

The article is based on information from Romania Insider:

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