Job hunting in Romania is on the rise


The country registers the highest unemployment percentage in the last 4 years

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More severe fines for employers in Romania


Since yesterday, June 21st, a law was adopted in Romania, which significantly increases fines for those employers, who do not comply with overtime regulations.

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The Romanian government is ready to pay unemployment compensations to 1 mln. workers


he Romanian government through the Labour Agency (ANOFM) is ready to pay compensations for "technical unemployment"

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More and more workers from third countries come to Romania


More than 23 000 citizens of countries outside the EU have received a work permit for Romania in 2019. This number is twice as high as it was at the end of 2018 and three ties as high compared to 2017.

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Which were the most searched professions in Romania during last year


An analysis of the platform shows, that the most searched professions in Romania for 2019 were thoose of drivers, accountants and economists.

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All time high number of workers in Romania


It is expected that in 2020 the number of workers in Romania will reach 5 million people, as the number has been constantly increasing in the last 5-6 years.

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Workers from which sectors in Romania can receive salaries of more than 1000 euro?


The medium net salary in Romania for September, according to official data, is RON 3082 (around 648 euro), which is an increase of RON 38 in comparison to the previous month. Everyone knows that the biggest salaries are for employees in the IT sector (RON 7108…

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What are the professions of foreigners in the Romanian construction sector


See what type of foreign workers from third countries are employed in the Romanian construction sector.

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The labour market – challenges and opportunities


Interview with Rositsa Velikova – manager of recruitment agency „Access Consultancy“

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Cluj with bigger salaries than Bucharest


The second biggest city in Romania overtakes the capital in terms of salaries.

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Increase in trade between Bulgaria and Romania in the first half of 2019


During the first half of the current year, Bulgaria has exported goods worth BGN 33.1 billion, which is an incease of 4.2% compared to the same period last year. In turn, imports amounted to BGN 36.1 billion, an increase of 0.4%.

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Romanian government increases the quota for foreign workers


The Romanian government increases by 10,000 the quota for newly admitted foreign workers.

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BRCCI will participate online in an international labor exchange


The Employment Agency is organizing an international labour exchange on September 17th 2019 in Sofia, where Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber, together with other employers and jobseekers, was given the opportunity for an online access to the labour exchange…

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Eleonora Ivanova presented awards in the Best Employer competition


It was part of the largest career show for qualified personnel - Career Show 2019.

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Career forum for Bulgarians in the Netherlands


The event will take place on October 5th in the Hague

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A snapshot of the Romanian and Bulgarian labour markets towards the end of July


According to data from the Romanian Employment Agency towards the end of July, the registered unemployment on a national level in Romania was 3.01%, while for Bulgaria it was 5.3%.

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Hiring workers from third countries in Bulgaria is a niche that has not yet been developed


Most Bulgarian companies don't have a lot of experience in hiring foreigners, but those who have done it are happy with their employees, shows a study of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, made in the framework of project ERIAS – Plan for the Integration…

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The Employment Agency explores the business’s need for staff


From August 1st to September 20th, The Employment Agency is conducting a study of the employers' labor needs in Bulgaria. It is the fourth survey by the Agency, in which more than 2,500 employers in the country share their needs for personnel and…

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Serious shortage of staff in the labor market in Romania


For the current year the Romanian government has determined a quota of 20 000 workers from countries outside the EU, who will be able to get a work permit for Romania. However, according to employers, this quota is not nearly enough.

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More and more people are looking for a career in the IT sector in Bulgaria


The highest average salary in Bulgaria is in the Information Technologies & Telecommunications sector – BGN 2930, according to the National Statistical Institute. It is more than twice as big as the average salary for the country, which is BGN 1208.

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