Legal consultations for concrete cases

With this service, VISA Agency provides the employers with competent advisory assistance in concrete legal cases, which may arise or are already occurring as a result of the (forthcoming) hiring of employees from the neighboring state.

Consultations are provided for the following topics (incomplete list):

  • Active legislation, related to the hiring of employees from the neighboring country;

  • Social insurance - levels of social and health contributions, deadlines and payment options;

  • Negotiation with a prospective employee – consultations and preparation of the necessary documentation;

  • Issueing a personal number for a foreigner;

  • Creating an employment record of the hired foreign employee;

  • Conditions for the protection of health at work;

  • Paid leave and sick leave;

  • Release of a foreign employee of the company;

  • Posting of foreign employees in the country and abroad.

In order to use that service, it's necessary to fill in and send an application for the provision of service.

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