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What are the professions of foreigners in the Romanian construction sector


The General Migration Inspectorate of Romania provided data about the number of foreigners, who have received a valid work permit for the construction sector in Romania, divided by professions, from the beginning of 2019 until July 31st: masons - 445 (for the entire 2018 - 500), non-qualified workers for the demolition of buildings - 406 (168), welders - 249 (393), workers dealing with reinforced concrete construction - 210 (263),  carpenters - 182 (386), locksmiths - 72 (14), painters - 63 (120), electricians - 36 (29), wall and ceiling drywall installers - 27 (103).

There is a big problem in terms of the workforce, which comes from the fact, that approximately 220 000 people have left the Romanian construction sector in the last 10 years, leaving the construction sites and factories for manufacturing of building materials with only 339 000 workers in 2018, in comparison to 2008, when there were 560 000 employees. With this number, the workforce in the construction sector is getting close to what it was in 2002-2003, when the real estate market was much less developed than it is now. It is because of this lack of staff that construction companies have been trying to attract foreign workers.

For more information about the possibility of third-country foreign workers to come and work in Bulgaria and Romania, click HERE.

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