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2030 foreigners want to work in Bulgaria during the summer


Unemployment is decreasing in April, and close to 1/3 of all job openings are in the hotel and restaurant industry

2030 foreign citizens want to work as seasonal employees in Bulgaria, according to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Biser Petkov. This is possible due to an agreement between Bulgaria and Moldova, which entered into force on March 14th. The Ukrainians (1470 out of all 2030 people) dominate just like last year, then come citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Moldova and others.

Data from the Employment Agency shows, that unemployment in April decreases and is now 5.6%, which is 0.8% less than it was in April 2018. There is also a decrease of 0,3% in comparison to March. The jobseekers registered in the Employment Agency during April are 184 426.

The available job openings on the primary labour market are 23 285, 87.3% of which are in the private sector. Close to 1/3 of the unoccupied positions are in the hotel and restaurant industry, ¼ are in the processing industry, followed by trade, automobile and motorcycle repairs (13.5%), administrative and auxiliary activities (5.7%), agriculture, forestry and fisheries (5.1%), construction (5%) and others.

The most in-demand professions during this month were:

  • personnel, employed in the field of personal services (bartenders, waiters, cooks, maids etc.);
  • operators of stationary machinery and equipment;
  • salesmen;
  • workers in the mining and manufacturing industries, construction and transport;
  • Metallurgists, machine builders and any related craftsmen;
  • waste collection workers and any related employees;
  • workers in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries;
  • qualified workers in food processing, apparel production, manufacturing of wooden items and related activities;
  • drivers of motorized vehicles and mobile equipment;
  • cleaners and assistants

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