Florentina Trifonova

Florentina Trifonova comes to Bulgaria because of her family

In 2007, Florentina met her husband and decided to move from Romania to Bulgaria. She managed to find a job. She advises people, who would want to look for a job in the neighboring country, to have patience and search, until they find a job suitable for them.

In relation to Visa Agency’s question about what motivated her to look for a job in Bulgaria, she responds:

The fact, that my family is here in Ruse and I have to look after two wonderful little girls, gives me the motivation to look for a job.

Today Florentina has two jobs, as she recently joined the team of a forwarding company. She says, that it is difficult for her to compare Bulgarian and Romanian employers, because she has been working in Bulgaria for 10 years.

She communicates in Bulgarian with her relatives and her colleagues at work, but she uses Romanian when talking to clients. Smiling, she shares one of the many funny situations, which she has encountered:

I recently had a conversation with a client over the phone and at the end of it he told me, that I speak Romanian very well. When I told him that it is my native language, it was all clear to him. Those types of situations have happened more than once.

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