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The Employment Agency explores the business’s need for staff


From August 1st to September 20th, The Employment Agency is conducting a study of the employers' labor needs in Bulgaria. It is the fourth survey by the Agency, in which more than 2,500 employers in the country share their needs for personnel and expectations from the labor market.

The new survey will track employers' need for professionals, what professions and skills are needed in the short term, as well as trends in the labor market. And this time, the survey will cover employers from a nationally representative sample based on data provided by the NSI.

Employers in the statistical sample will be able to use an online questionnaire to indicate what professionals with secondary and tertiary education they will need in the next 12 months. The form also includes questions about the needs of unskilled workers and persons with specific qualifications. Business and administration representatives will also be able to identify which skills are most needed for the staff they are looking for.

The data will be used in the preparation of short-term measures and programs for organizing and conducting appropriate training for professional and key skills as required by the business.

The survey retains the opportunity for employers to indicate their expectations for the specialists with higher and secondary education they would need after 3 to 5 years. This information will be used to determine the priorities of regional and national policies in the fields of education, training and employment promotion.

For employers who are not in the statistical sample, but who wish to participate in the survey, a separate electronic form with similar questions has been prepared, which will be available on the website of the Employment Agency during the period September 1st - September 20th, 2019.

The Employment Agency relies on the active involvement of employers and responsible attitude for the provision of real and specific information on the scope, professions, competences, knowledge and skills which the staff they are looking for needs to have.

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