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Bulgarians and Romanians are looking for more and more opportunities for increasing their professional qualification


It turns out, that training on the work place is very important for both Bulgarians and Romanians. This is shown by the results of two independent researches, conducted among citizens of both countries.

A big part of the employees in Bulgaria (82.3%) don't know that their employers have the legal obligation to provide opportunities to their employees for  increasing their work qualification. 85.8% of the respondents would quit their job if someone else offers them the same conditions, but adds an opportunity for training and qualification increase. The people are almost unanimously of the opinion, that this would help them unleash their potential.

At the same time, 94.3% of the Romanians say, that they would participate in courses for increasing their professional qualification if their employer covers the costs. However, it is surprising that almost 70% of the respondents state, that they would participate in such courses even if they have to pay for it themselves. Over 87% of the people would pay between 100 and 300 euro for acquiring skills, which would help them find a better job.

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