Complex service

VISA Agency developed a service for employers, which are looking for employees from the neighboring country, but don't have the necessary resources to carry out all the necessary actions. It includes:

  • preparing an ad for a job vacancy in the name of the cross-border company – according to the specifics and the requirements of the client

  • publication of an ad in the online platform of VISA Agency for seeking and offering of work in the neighboring country

  • Consultation and assistance for the publishing of an ad via other communication channels and/or connecting with other institutions, which support the labor mobility

  • Selection of potential candidates for work from available ads and inside sources

  • Technical assistance when choosing an employee and signing a contract, incl. providing space for an interview, translation and interpretation, consultations on the preparation of documents for employment etc.

In order to use that service, it's necessary to fill in and send an application for the provision of service.

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