Adrian Sipos

Adrian Sipos was born in Brasov, now he is living and working in Ruse. For 12 years he has been part of the team of a local travel agency and traveled extensively throughout Europe.

Cherchez la femme say the French and it is often true, at least for Adrian Shipos - definitely. Because he didn’t come to Ruse for more money and a good job, he came because of his Bulgarian wife, which he has two children with.

Already settled in Bulgaria, he does not look at the prospect of a career in his homeland, and the big queues on the Danube Bridge demotivate him. He also thinks, that working in one or the other country is almost the same:

In the past, I worked for a Romanian company as an accountant and I cannot say there is any significant difference between the employers here and on the other side of the Danube. Besides, the salary difference is very small and the conditions are almost the same.

The advantage of working in your homeland is in the lack of a language barrier, but Adrian Sipos thinks that this is an obstacle, which is easy to overcome. At the beginning of his Bulgarian career, for 5-6 years, he speaks only in English with his colleagues because his job requires him to do so - he develops foreign markets and contacts international clients. During this time, he did not need to know Bulgarian, but one day he said - that’s it, enough with English, it is time to start learning Bulgarian as well. Even now, he studies and exercises his language skills every day, and he boldly and confidently speaks in Bulgarian.

Visa Agency asked him to give some advice to the Romanians, who are considering a career in Bulgaria, to which Adrian Siposh responds:

"First of all, do not worry. Second of all, there is hardly any difference in the working conditions, in terms of salaries - also. Yes, gross wages in Romania are twice as high as they are in Bulgaria, but with the deductions and social security contributions paid by Romanians, the money they take at the end of the month is almost as much as it is for the Bulgarians. Rents here in Bulgaria are lower, the expenses for food and services are also lower than in Romania. On the other hand, Bulgarians who want to work in Romania will really earn more, but the cost of living, at least in Bucharest, is far bigger.

Like many other people, Adrian Sipos also has fun stories about work and life outside his home country:

Oh, there are many funny stories! Right from the beginning of my stay in Bulgaria, and to this day, I am very careful during sporting events that meet Bulgarian and Romanian competitors. If our national teams play, no matter in what sport, the situation at home is quite tense because everyone supports his/her team. At the end, when the game finishes, the defeated side recognizes its defeat and the winner is more lenient because he understands the pain of the other side and may soon be on the loser’s side as well.

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